About The Company

PREP’s services are accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective


Project Risk Evaluation Partners

Established in 2019 to address the need for more accurate, timely and comprehensive project risk analysis of condominium and cooperative projects.

Project Risk Evaluation Partners (PREP) began with one client in October 2019. What was requested was a single document review, but that client was so impressed with how accurate, thorough, and quickly they received a response that they remain a client to this day. Since then, PREP has grown organically and exponentially with a current client base that includes small, local mortgage banks, mid-sized lenders across the nation and a multinational investment bank and financial services company with over $29 billion in annual revenue.

By providing accurate, cost-effective, and rapid project analysis PREP’s goal is to open the door to all residential mortgage lenders currently lending and those looking to lend in the condominium and cooperative market.

We aren’t slick or fancy. PREP simply focuses on what we do best – assess risk in order to answer whether a condominium or cooperative is agency compliant so you, as a lender, can continue to do what you do best- provide quality financing to your clients.